Here is a list of all the great ice cream flavors we offer!


No plus sign = BASIC price structure
+ = WITH ADD IN pricing tier
++ = SPECIALTY pricing tier 

Almond Delight (almond base with almonds and fudge swirled)++
Apple Pie++
Banana Cream Pie++
Banana Nut+
Birthday Cake (cake base swirled  blue frosting & vanilla & choc cake pieces)++
Blackberry Merlot++
Black Cherry
Black Cherry Chip+
Black Raspberry Swirl+
Blue Moon (fruity base taste likes fruit loops)
Butterfinger® Crunch+
Butter Pecan++
Cappuccino Crunch (cappuccino base with chopped coffee candy pieces)+
Cappuccino Splatter (cappuccino base with liquid chocolate splattered throughout)+
Cheesecake (cheesecake base with chunks of NY cheesecake)+
Cheesecake with Fruit+
Cherry Amaretto (with black cherries )+
Cherry Vanilla (with maraschino cherries)+
Chocolate Chip+
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough+
Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl+
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (choc. base swirled with raspberry sauce & choc covered rasp cups)++
Chop Suey (vanilla base with cherries, pineapple and walnuts)++
Coconut Cream
Cookies and Cream+
Cotton Candy (either blue or pink color with cotton candy pieces)
Dark Chocolate Chip+
Dulce De Leche (caramel base swirled with caramel)+
Egg Nog
English Toffee (Toffee base w/ heath bar)+
Espresso Bean Nut (espresso base with chopped chocolate covered espresso beans)+
Fresh Coffee
Fudge Marble (vanilla swirled with fudge)+
Grasshopper Mint (mint with chocolate cookies)+
Ghost Chip (vanilla with white chocolate chunks)+
Horchata (Mexican rice drink)
Hot Cinnamon (with red hots)+
Hotsey Totsey Chocolate (dark chocolate with chili pepper)+
Island Paradise (Banana base with coconut rum swirled with fudge)++
Kentucky Kiss (vanilla & chocolate swirled with whiskey caramel sauce)++
Lemon Sorbet++
Mango Sorbet++
Mascarpone Crunch (mascarpone cheese with a coffee crunch)++
Marshmallow Sundae (marshmallow base, hard chocolate, peanuts & maraschino cherries)++
Maple Walnut+
Mediterranean Lemon Sorbet (lemon with basil)++
Melon Sorbet++
Mexican Chocolate (Chocolate with cinnamon)
Mexican Peach Habanero Sorbet++
Mint Chocolate Chip+
Moose Tracks (vanilla base swirled with peanut butter & mini choc covered peanut butter cups)++
Nutty Nut (butter pecan base with pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios)++
Peach Melba (peach base swirled with raspberry sauce)+
Peanut Butter Chip+
Peanut Butter Swirl (peanut butter base with peanut butter & chunks of peanut butter cups)++
Pineapple Sorbet++
Pina Colada (pineapple and coconut with coconut rum)++
Pistachio Nut (with Sicilian pistachio base )++
Pistachio Almond+
Poppy Seed (white chocolate base with poppy seeds)+
Pralines and Cream+
Pumpkin Pie+
Pumpkin Cheesecake+
Pumpkin Praline with a whiskey caramel sauce++
Raspberry Sorbet++
Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet++
Red Velvet W/ Cream cheese frosting swirled in++
Roasted Almond+
Rum Raisin+
Salty Caramel (Vanilla base with salted caramel swirled in)+
Strawberry Short Cake (strawberry short cake base with white cake pieces)+
Tiramisu (tiramisu base with mascarpone cheese, coffee soaked lady fingers and marsala wine)++
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Yogurt (Fat Free with crystalline fructose sugar)
Vienna Coffee (coffee with cinnamon)
White Chocolate Chunk+
White Chocolate Macadamia++
Zinfully Chocolate (chocolate base with raspberry swirl and zinfandel wine)++

Create your own custom flavors!

Price is according to ingredients.

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