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A Special Event or Catering Needed?

Are you a restaurant owner / manager looking to set your establishment apart and above the rest?  Make your restaurant a destination for your customers by providing product they can't find anywhere else in town.
Contact Karen to begin brainstorming creative, unique creations that will become an area favorite.
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Brainstorm now, to avoid a brainfreeze later.

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    Bring Ice Cream to your Home or Work Parties
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You've landed at  Based out of beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, Karen's Kreamery has been scooping up delicious, award winning, uniquely flavored ice cream and other goodies for over 18 years. Karen's Kreamery can be spotted in high demand at big events and outdoor gatherings all over the Phoenix area and beyond and now provides wholesale ice cream to restaurant establishments, ice cream parlors and stores.  Our wide variety of options will bring more customers to your restaurant, store, or event.  Make your celebrations even more special by serving up a unique flavor of ice cream, all with the help of Karen's Kreamery.

Contact Karen's Kreamery today with inquiries or to discuss the many offerings available.