Wholesale Offerings

Karen's Kreamery has a great selection of award winning flavors to choose from. However if our "regular" list of flavors is not enough, we can create your own exclusive customized flavor to compliment your cuisine. We can make anything you dream up.

Ice Cream

Karen's Kreamery exclusively produces "Super Premium" grade ice cream, which refers to the quality, smoothness, density and low overrun.

We have a great selection of award winning flavors to choose from. Click here to see the never complete, long list of fantastic flavors!


Gelato is the word for fresh ice cream in Italian. Gelato is lower in fat with a smooth velvety texture. There is a cleaner feel on your palate. The flavors are enhanced and intensified by the fact that gelato is served less cold than ice cream. We use traditional Italian recipes, with the finest imported nuts, liqueurs and fresh fruits. We carry either traditional flavors, or our own original twists.


Sorbets are a French version of Italian ice or granita, but because of the fruit content, they are sweeter and more flavorful than the traditional Italian water ices available today. They should not be confused with sherbet, which contains 1.4% milk fat.

Sorbets are the highlight of any elegant dinner table. They can be served as an aperitif, intermezzo, or as a luscious dessert. We use only imported fruit concentrates and extracts and well ripened fruit.

Quality Control & Packaging

All of our recipes have been extensively researched and developed to accommodate current trends and traditional flavors. Our products are always made in small batches to ensure the desired outcome of the product. Because we make our ice cream in small batches, the freshness of our ice cream is 100% guaranteed. We continually research, compare, and examine different resources for the best available ingredients.

Three-Tier Pricing

Our price is based on the ingredients used in each product and the amount of labor involved.

We have a 3-tier pricing structure:
1) Basic   2) With Add-Ins   3) Specialty 

Order & Delivery Schedule

Karen requires 72 hours to prepare your orders; however, we do our best to help you out in last minute emergencies! 

Orders over $250 are delivered free of charge in Phoenix!

Wholesale Opportunities

Karen's Kreamery offers a variety of products to best meet a variety of wholesale needs, including:

Gourmet Shops Restaurants
Specialty Grocers Hotels
Secondary Ice Cream Stores Country Clubs
Bakeries Catering Companies
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