Karen's Kreamery scoops up the fun with a party package for all of your guests that are sure to please everyone. We make sure you can relax and have a great time.

We supply all of the essentials to scoop up the fun: cups, spoons, napkins.

We offer full service catering from our old-fashioned ice cream cart or Trio Gelato bar with our cheerful and attentive wait staff.
1-2 hours of service.

Great for weddings, graduation parties, picnics, family reunions, birthdays, or just because.

Build Your Own Sundae Bar

Old Fashioned Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry with six assorted toppings.

Build Your Own Sundae Bar
Choose 3 wet toppings:
• Caramel Topping
• Chocolate Syrup
• Strawberry Topping
• Pineapple Topping

and Choose 3 dry toppings:
• Chocolate Sprinkles
• Rainbow Sprinkles
• M & M's
• Peanuts
• Chocolate Chips
• Butterfingers
• Oreos

Sundaes include whipped cream and cherries.

Catered Service:
Under 100 people served = $7.50 per guest
Over 100 people served   = $6.75 per guest
Waffle Bowls
               = $1.00 per guest extra

We Scream For Ice Cream

Great for weddings, showers, office parties, birthdaysWe Scream for Ice Cream

Choose any 3 flavors of our fresh gourmet Ice Cream or Gelato.

Served in our counter top Trio glass display case.

Catered Service:
Under 100 people served: $5.50 per guest
Over 100 people served: $5.00 per guest
Waffle Cones are $1.00 per person extra

Toppings are: $1.00 per person extra. Includes 3 toppings

Soda Float Bar or Smoothie Bar

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream floating in your favorite soda.smoothiebar

Choices of soda available:

A&W Root Beer - Cherry - Orange 

Smoothies are non-dairy and served in our portable Tiki Bar.

Strawberry - Strawberry Banana - Mango- Peach - Pina Colada

Catered Service:
Under 100 people served = $7.00 per guest
Over 100 people served = $6.50 per guest

Traveling Sundae Bar

Great for school, office, pool or sports team parties, birthdays.

Our portable self-service option for 25 to 50 guests is the Traveling Sundae Bar. 


Choose one flavor from our award-winning trio of America’s all-time favorites:
• Old-Fashioned Vanilla 
• Dark Chocolate
• Fresh Strawberry

Choose one wet topping:
• Chocolate topping
• Strawberry topping

Choose one dry topping:
• Peanuts
• Sprinkles

Our insulated cooler keeps the ice cream cold without electricity for up to three hours!  Delivery is available for an additional charge.
This all inclusive Sundae Bar comes with everything you need to serve Sundaes including cups, spoons, napkins, whipped cream and cherries.

Comes complete with everything you need for an all-inclusive price  50 people served = $250.00

If you have any questions, please feel free to call and talk to Karen at (623) 877-1026 o (623) 640-8914 c.

Catered service requires minimum charge of $350.00 toward total price.
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